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Living on your own..

I love my house. Its awesome. I have a sunroom upstairs and a balconey ffs…
Its class…
You get to:

  • Be naked all the time, anywhere you want in your house.
  • Stay up and make as much noise as you want.
  • Play music loudly till the late hours
  • have space for all your shit
  • have as many parties/drinking fests you want.
  • Make your own rules.

However. There are a few things that suck about living on your own.

  • Pay for heating yourself
  • Pay rent yourself
  • Pay power bill yourself
  • do the housework yourself (even though its your own mess)
  • expect to let people stay when ever they want to
  • Be kinda lonely…a wee bit.

So yeah…Meh!! I need to do housework tonight. CBA =[

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